Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Did you watch this???

This was amazing! I did not want to sit and watch this show but Doug had it on and I just got so sucked in! I cried so many times watching this! It was incredible!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dedicated to a Life as an Athlete...

So, my friends are doing an Ultra Man. A three day event that starts Saturday in Canada. It is a 10K swim and a 90 mile bike ride on day one. Day two, is a 170 mile bike ride. Day three is a 52 mile run. Now this may seem completely impossible to the average person...but not these two! They could do literally anything! They have lived their lives dedicated to be being superb athletes. They each have really good friends crewing for them every step of the way during this endeavor. This will be one of the biggest adventures of their lives.

Most people hear about this and say it is impossible....but what I have learned form them is that anything is possible if you just set your mind to it! People always say, "I don't have time to exercise." But if you watch Jim and Janine Boldra you know you do have time. They both have jobs, they both have hobbies, they both have families that they adore.

The true inspiration of an adventure of this magnitude is that the human body and spirit has so much more to give this life than you think! You have more in you than you ever imagined.

So proud to call them my friends. I have learned so much from them but the most important thing is that a healthy, fit life can lead you to a bit more adventure.

Go get it Jim and Janine and come home and tell us all about it!

Monday, July 26, 2010

So it all starts with a guy in an SUV

Out for a ride with a TON of friends. Just riding along on my Griffen enjoying the day, getting some exercise and chatting with really good friends...when this CRAZED MANIAC flies by the group of us ridding and just about runs us off the road and then slams on his brakes right in front of us! He was so angry that we were on the road it was UNBELIEVABLE! A few of the guys riding in the lead of our group stopped and had a "chat" with this guy! It was very ugly. He said that he was a cop and that we were illegally riding on the road (because we were riding two abreast.) Some one asked to see his badge but he forgot it at home. Hmmmm? Well, anyway he was super mad and said some really horrible things about "spandex wearing fairies." We went on our way hoping Karma really does exist. First, I am just glad no one got hurt! Secondly, I wish that people really knew the laws...bikes are considered vehicles and are permitted to ride two abreast. The laws are very clear...but it really makes some people crazy! AND just a quick little note...if you are passing a biker you need to give them a three feet buffer. It is super scary when people fly by you and almost hit you with their mirrors.

If anyone can explain to me why people have so much anger towards bikers...I would love to understand. BUT for know...I will just keep scratching my head!

Friday, July 23, 2010

She is only 14...

There is a younger Kardashian...she is 14 years old and they older sisters were so proud of her. These photos freak me out! Why do we need our little girls to look like this? When I was 14 I was surfing, playing with my brothers and chilling with my parents at the beach. What is with all the photo shoots and the desperate run for celebrity! JEEZE! This girl is she is going to be a freshman in High School. Why not go out for the dance team, or volley ball or just hang with friends at the pool.

This family makes me crazy!

Friday, July 16, 2010


The dreaded..."Honey, the basement is underwater." Doug yells to me...CRAP! Our basement flooded in these last storms. We all hustled down there and just started working. Shoveling water toward the drain. Grabbing toys, books, playstations, and what ever we could to save it from all this insane water! American Girl dolls we up and safe...wheeeeew! The playstation was literally floating in water...Cole was bummed to say the least!

Come to find out our insurance does NOT cover any of this type of flooding! DARN. We will figure it out! That is what I love about our little family, is you can bet if something goes wrong we will figure it out! Lots of shop vacing, humidifying, and fanning! We can do it...We will dry it out and then get that carpet out of there and just replace it! At least it was just material objects. We are all safe and perfectly healthy!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010