Saturday, October 29, 2011


How do you even start??? How do you say thank you to people you have never seen or known in your life!!!??? From watching six year old boys walking up the hill to the bridge swinging bras above their heads to the CEO of Women's Care taking down the HUGE rope we had strung across the many THANK you's need to be said!!! Doug and I literally could not have done this without all of you!

This was a crazy idea I had as I was crossing the bridge shortly after a friend of mine died of breast cancer. I had this vision...bras linked like women standing together in unity. ARM in arm...fighting, laughing, crying, celebrating, mourning...

To see 1,400 bras hooked together flying in the of our coworkers said to me, "is this your vision?" I just about had an Oprah ugly cry right then and there. YES!! This was my vision. Exactly what I had seen in my head. It was perfect!

I really think we will do this again next year. Maybe we can do it in two places? Two bridges? Not sure but I love the idea of celebrating women. If we can have some fun and laugh together more...we can make it through anything that comes our way...including breast cancer!

Thank you everyone!

Mary Love

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bras Across the FOX River

Doug and Mary are going to try and stretch bras across the FOX RIVER on Oct 28th from 6am to 10am. ALL in the name of breast cancer!! Women's Care of Wisconsin said they would give $2,500 to The American Cancer Society if we can do it! I just know we can do it!!!! Here is why we are working so hard for really is all about birthdays!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sick of Saying I can't do Pull Ups!

My goal is to be able to do five pull ups by the time Thanksgiving rolls around...but really by the time my older brother comes!! He is the king of upper body strength! He is a rock climbing beast! Loves it, climbs even in the climbing...totally CRAZY! I have NEVER been able to do pull ups. Well, since I did a couple of Ironman's I figured I can do just about anything I put my mind to...why not the thing that has evaded me for so many of my years???!! I have been working so hard. I can feel myself getting stronger. I can hardly do them but with a little assist I can do about 5. So, soon, I can just feel it...I will be doing them. I have done two with no help in the basement but Cole says I am cheating because I jump up to the bar??? Well, no matter how you look at it I am getting so much stronger and soon I will be doing them with no "jumping."

I plan on freaking my older brother out!!! I can't wait to say, watch this....and BAM roll out five of those puppies!!

Why not? I am sick of saying I can't do pull ups!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This kid is too adorable!!!

I was thinking for a second I wouldn't hear him so good when he moved the banana away from his is not really a microphone! CRACKED me up!!!