Friday, November 30, 2012

Weekend away for me...

It is always so hard as a mom to take a weekend away! BUT I am doing it this weekend. Most of you know I am super into xc skiing! I train for the Birkie every year and I really love it! I am heading up north to find some snow with friends. The kids always hate it when I leave but then when I get back they have GREAT Dad stories. Sometimes I think it is actually really good for the three of them to have time without me. They can really depend on Doug and they can do all the fun crazy things Doug likes to do! They really get to know him better and he gets to know the kids.He can do dishes...make meals and take care of the crazy DOG! I think he might just appreciate me more when I get home.

They will live without me for two days!!! Plus I am sure we will get lots of great stories from Doug on the radio MONDAY!

Mary Love

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