Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Why not sign this and then never use your phone in the car again? I signed the pledge today...and believe me it wont be easy for me to not use my phone in the car but the thought of hurting someone just because I was texting or talking is NOT worth it! I will work SOOOOO hard to not do this again!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Have your DAD call and sing "Baby" from JB

In honor the my Dad...we are making Dad's all over NE, WI sing Justin Bieber's "Baby" to win tickets to his show at Summerfest!

My dad would SO do this for me! It might not be pretty but it would be so funny and I would just love every second of it!

You have all morning to have your dad call...866-916-0959.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Total Girl Talk

Has anyone tried this? Sugaring instead of waxing??? Hmmmm? Thinking about giving it a try...but I am sort of chicken. Here is a "recipe" that I found:

If you have any suggestions or idea before I try it let me me.


Monday, March 22, 2010

I loved this...

(CNN) -- Simply put, Margaret Moth made an impression.

Given her jet-black hair, thick black eyeliner, black clothes and combat boots (which she often slept in while on assignment), people didn't always know what to think upon meeting her. She was quirky, the sort who excused herself from a social gathering by saying she had to wash her socks. And she was fearless, the kind of woman who not only kept the camera rolling while under fire, but zoomed in on a soldier who was shooting at her.

Colleagues learned quickly to appreciate all that this CNN camerawoman was. Beyond her rich personality, which included deep optimism and kindness, she brought to her profession top-notch technical abilities, unmatched dedication and an approach to work that inspired others to push themselves.

Moth sought out, even demanded, assignments in conflict zones. She barely survived being shot in the face in Sarajevo in 1992, only to go back as soon as she was physically able. The multiple reconstructive surgeries that followed, as well as the hepatitis C she contracted from a consequent blood transfusion, were mere obstacles she moved around.

But more than three years after being diagnosed with colon cancer, her tremendous life journey has come to an end.

Moth, known for her gutsiness, striking appearance, distinctive humor and sense of fun, died early Sunday in Rochester, Minnesota. She was 59.

"Dying of cancer, I would have liked to think I'd have gone out with a bit more flair," she said with a laugh last spring during an interview with a CNN documentary crew that had traveled to Texas, where she was visiting friends.

"The important thing is to know that you've lived your life to the fullest," she said then, before tubing down a river in Austin, Texas; taking jaunts to Cape Cod and the Canadian Rockies; and piloting a houseboat up the Mississippi River -- replete with beer and Cuban cigars. "I don't know anyone who's enjoyed life more."

Work out like Lady Ga Ga!

Work out less but harder than normal...not a bad idea! She sure is rocking a hot body!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We have an APP

I am so excited about this new app! You can listen to 95.9 KISS FM anytime! You see what we are playing, you can buy the songs you like, you can read the lyrics to any song with a quick little touch! I love it! It is fun to be the first station in this area to have one!! We hope you LOVE IT!


Friday, March 12, 2010

Thank you...

No, I am not sucking up! No, I am not just saying this because I have a performance review coming up! I just want to say thanks to my boss...Dayton for always helping out! He is always doing so much for our show and never gets any of the credit! We really appreciate it and saying Thank You in the hall as we pass him by just doesn't seem like enough!

Thanks for always having our back! Thanks for letting us fail a bit sometimes...thanks for always being so encouraging! We are lucky you are our boss!

Plus those of you who don't know him...he is a great dad to his kids!! (OK, now this is over the top!)

Mary...Doug too but he doesn't even know I wrote this! LOL!

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Girls ONLY Ski Bus

Every year my friend Karen comes with me on the Girls ONLY ski bus! Well, except the year she blew out her ACL! She fixed that up and now she is back! This year, it was SO not easy for her to go! He father had a massive heartattack in MN on Feb 14th. She has been driving back and forth taking care of her mom and dad...needless to say it has been a crazy couple of weeks. She drove back from MN late Friday night just so she could make this day with me up in Norway! She is such a good friend and we enjoyed getting some time in the sun and on the snow! We snow shoed for a few hours and we skied a ton! I am lucky to have such a great friend. The ski bus was a lot of fun this year! I think everyone had a blast! I hope next year we do two buses! Look out Norway MT we are going to take over again next year!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I did it...

I spent the winter learning to skate ski! Then I topped it all off by doing my first Birkebeiner. Aside from giving birth to my children. This was the most difficult and amazing thing I have ever done! 10,000 people did the race this year and it was so incredible! I have never seen or felt anything like this in my life.

Here is the best part: I had a friend ask if I was so happy to be done training and I said to her...did I train? I never once felt like I was training for something. Every time I skied I felt like I was on vacation. It felt like I went on an adventure every time I stepped out on to the trail. I lost 13 pounds this year, and dropped two jeans sizes and that feels like a bonus to the fun times I had in the woods. I am so thrilled by finding a sport that suits me so well. I tell my kids, when you get older you have to find your own sport because no one will schedule practice for you!

I am lucky enough to have met some of the best friends along the way. I spent a lot of time learning from a good friend and coach Jim Boldra! He is an amazing athlete who knows just how to teach and encourage everyone he is around. I love skiing with his wife Janine more than anyone else on the planet! We laugh and ski and fend off the is perfect girl time! They really showed me the ropes at the Birkie and I don't think the words Thank You could ever be enough.

Time to find your own never might really like it!

Have a great day!

Mary Love