Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Fox Cities Marathon

Doug was pumping the tunes for the half marathon and the marathon on Sunday. He was a mile from the finish! The kids and I stood at the corner and cheered and cheered till we lost our voices! How AMAZING to see people working so hard, pushing themselves further than they thought they could ever push! The human spirit is so much stronger than we give it credit!

I saw Kristen and Kathy from the Biggest Loser and they looked so great! Kathy had her eye on that finish line and Kristen was grinning from ear to ear! There was a mom from Emma's school doing her first half marathon and she said she has never been more tired or proud of herself....how great is that!? There was a few people in the marathon that I know did Ironman in Madison the weekend before. There were a few people racing to keep their streak alive with 19 Fox Cities in a row! From the youngest little girls and boys to the oldest men and women I was so impressed!

I really love that my kids enjoy watching and running in races because I think it shows them that the world is filled with possibilities beyond what you can imagine. Running a marathon teaches dedication, commitment, and independence. I believe in celebrating every day how lucky we are to be healthy (healthier than we give our selves credit!)

Great job everyone who did the races this past weekend. You did a great job! You taught me life is fuller than I think! Can't wait to watch next year!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

This made my day...

Our son Cole use to do this to a song...I wont say which one because he would be soooooo embarrassed if his friends found out!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

So I signed up to do Ironman Wi next year!

Peoples first reaction to hearing that I signed up to do Ironman next year is, "Are you freaking crazy?" I really don't think I am crazy at all but maybe I need to catch people up to speed. Seven years ago I weight 249 pounds. Seriously, I weight that much and it really sucked! I totally let me self go and I could give you a million excuse why and how I did it...but I wont! I started losing weight by exercising and eating great food....plain and simple! There was no magic pill, and no secret just hard work and a lot of re-focusing for a long time! Two years ago I started amping up my workouts and really thought about what is next. I had no idea what was next but I thought I would open myself up to do some new things. I tried a spin class and I really liked it. I met some friends who encouraged me to try biking out doors, to swim more, and to run with them. I was (and still am) way out of my league with these people but I really enjoy my time working out and making new friends.

Last year I felt like if I continued working out as hard as I was I could maybe try and do a couple of Half Ironman's here in WI. So I busted my butt for a year learning everything I could and working out as hard as I could. I did the High Cliff Half Ironman and I thought I really got myself in over my head! I had a tough day and thought that is enough of that...but I had already signed up and PAID for the Door County Half Ironman...so DARN I had to do that too! I did it and you know what, it was incredible! I learned from my mistakes, I re-focused and I had a total blast!

So this year I figured, why not kick it up a notch!? Why not do something tough, why not push myself? That is what I have been doing for two years! I have put myself in so many new situations that seriously scared me, and situations I wanted to back down from...but I made it out of everyone of those moments a better stronger and more confident person.

I don't have some crazy goal for Ironman except to enjoy myself and to prove to myself that I am worth a little time each day doing something exciting.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So sad that he died....

Kanye West Appologizes on Jay Leno

I love when Jay asks Kayne, "What would your mother have thought of this?" OH BOY! He really blew it this time! I hope "going away" really helps him! Seems to me he just need to start thinking beyond himself!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

This PETA add is OVER the TOP!

'Cruelty Doesn't Fly'—Learn More at PETA.org.CNN has banned this add from running in airports! PETA is working on getting this add to run on airplanes...not working so good so far! They say they don't want kids to see it! Oh boy it is pretty steamy!

Ellen interviews Simon...this is cute!

Audrina Patridge

She gets her own show (produced my Mark Burnett), she is in a movie (Sorority Row) a now a "spread" in Maxim Mag. My favorite part of the article in Maxim is when she says how hard it was being on a reality show ( The Hills) as the only brunette! OMG I can't stop laughing! I get it...I have had to live with this brown hair all my life...not fair!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Queen RI RI is almost naked...

Chris Brown talks to Larry King and the next day Ri Ri puts these photos out! WOW! What a couple!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I almost have a 13 year old...

I never do these types of blogs but Cole is turning 13 in a few days and it just feels plain weird. Everyone always says it goes by so fast...but this has felt tooooo fast! He is the nicest kid! I love being around him...and I think that is a good thing since 13 can be a tricky age. He just loves everything and he is always game to do anything! There is not enough time in the day for this kid to do everything that he loves. He can hang with adults, he can handle his sister and her crazy little friends and of course he would play any sport any time of the day! He is really fun. My biggest job with him is keeping him reeled in...and I will gladly be the one to do that!

Ok, enough of that...I know...a little of the bragging mom goes a long way!

Lucky 13 starts in a few days!