Friday, August 26, 2011

Time to get a Mammogram

St. Elizabeth's Hospital started the coolest program for women! They created Walk In Wednesdays!! It is so easy and so fast! You can literally walk right in to the Breast Center at St. E's in Appleton and get a mammogram. No appointment needed at all! When I did it literally took me 30 minutes start to finish and that is with an extra little tour of the place!!

At first I was thinking...ummmm...I am only 40 why on earth would I get a mammogram??? BUT I guess the cancer society wants women starting at age 40 to get a mammogram EVERY YEAR!!! The sooner they catch something the faster they can get rid of it!! I like that idea!!!

I work so hard on being as healthy and strong as I can be so I am adding a mammogram to my list of things to do...and St. E's is making it SUPER easy for me to get that done each year!!

You can check out a virtual tour right here if you want to see just how nice and easy it really is...

Mary Love

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Running at High Cliff

I have been missing my brother so much lately! I have been dying to go for a run with him like the old days. So, when I went on my run yesterday I took photos of everything I would want to show him...and make this video on my phone.

By the cool is my phone??? I love that I can do this and it was SOOOO EASY!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Final Road to Ironman...

Ironman Wi is on Sept 11th this year. They will be marking the 10th anniversary of not only the day the world stood still in total fear and disbelief...but also the 10th year they have done IM in WI.

I think it sort of changes the way I think about doing the race. I think in such a big event you can easily get caught up in a lot of superficial things that really don't matter. $2,000 race wheels, wet suit or no wet suit, these $120 shoes or those $150 shoes, who has what and who has what NOT....blah blah blah! This year I am going to try remember what it is all about for me: FREEDOM. Freedom to live a life I have chosen for myself. The pure freedom of my body working toward a huge goal. The honor of having a husband and a family that allow me to have something of my own. To have my own hobby that means something to me is so important. The freedom to stand up to what ever obstacles come my way...because if you do an IM you know in your heart you can handle just about ANYTHING!

So, I am ready to go and enjoy the weekend with a ton of my friends and my family. I am ready to go celebrate living in a free country, and to honor the day we will all never forget...Sept 11th.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Girlfriends Fall Fling...

I am so excited! I got asked to host this first ever Girlfriends Fall Fling in Green Bay! Let's get those kids back to school and then spend some time together shopping, eating and drinking (of course!!!!) It is September 17th and it starts with a fun brunch...with mimosa's and tons of prizes. TONS of local shops, restaurants, hotels and bars have HUGE deals for us!!!! There is even a shuttle bus to drag us around town from shop to shop! We will end the day with a fun Show and Share Happy Hour!! I will give away prizes for the best deals of the day, worst deal of the day, and even for the person who buys the most!!!

Check out the details of the day here!

Make sure to get tickets to this right away!!! I am sure it will sell out!

I just know we will all have a blast shopping til we literally drop!!!

Mary Love